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Avoidance is real for many Rosacea sufferers can you relate?

I used to avoid many things especially myself and over the years of healing myself and others avoidance is a common theme with a good deal of Rosacea suffers and trauma victims I work with.

Here is an example of one of the themes that is quite common.

I get many emails of Rosacea suffers sharing their journeys, battles, frustrations, low self-esteem desperation telling me how much they want to heal and how they are ready to heal, how many procedures they have tried. I love hearing from souls as when I was living with my face in my darkest days I had no-one. I reply answering questions to the information they have asked for, and I get no reply. This is avoidance.

As you may know I offer a 30-minute Free Rosacea FreeMe call. A great opportunity to meet me 😊, ask me any questions about your Rosacea Journey/battle or about working with me. We arrange a time to meet via Zoom. We are all set and confirmed. The person doesn’t show up. No reason, no email to say why. This is avoidance.

But here's the thing. I GET IT! I know what this avoidance feels like and is, because I used to do the same. I would feel positive about the possibility of sharing, guidance and help in that given moment then BANG my mind what begin with its NEGATIVE, sabotaging chatter. This would set my nerves off, my anxiety would get the better of me. I would have thoughts of not feeling worthy to be seen or heard. I would worry I would be judged, I would have fear about what I would say. So I would bail, and not show up. Big time avoidance.

Why? Rosacea suffers are not used to expressing themselves. I mean expressing from the deep spaces of their beIN. Rosacea sufferers are not used to being listened to. Have a hard time speaking up, speaking their truth. Rosacea sufferers get used to working it out for themselves, internalising, shutting up, going quiet and doing the best they know how. This leads us into avoidance even shut down. AND sometimes the mind gets so messy, so confusing that we have no idea how we can possibly express to feel understood.

People pleasing, over doing it especially women. Bending over backwards. Busyness and routines, control navigating friends, family, children partners, husbands putting everything and everyone first. Saying yes when you mean no. Doing things against your grain. Having strong mind set for the belief of that thing, person, treatment will be the cure and be the very thing I need to reclaim my face. This then becomes the avoidance of self.

It is a spiral or many emotions , but I get it and I know when I get stood up on a call. Or no email replies. I remember this place of BeIN from my journey. I know how hard it to show up, be vulnerable and ask for help.

🦋Do you resonate with any of the above?

🦋Are these patterns familiar to you?

If you can relate in any way to this email please know you are on the right track to understand, heal and move through this. The fact you know is great self-awarenesse portal to all that you are. To step out avoidance and these patterns into your truth does not take years. It's seeing and feeling outside this mindset that changes lives.

You are not alone. I get it and want nothing more for you to step firmly from this

onto your very own Path of Rosacea Freedom.

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