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Understanding your Power to heal will heal YOU.

What blows my mind is the power we have to be the best version of ourselves. The hardest part is making and dedicating to self.

You see when we do, life becomes the dream. The pain, the hurt, the anger the frustrations, the discontent the need to search outside, no longer dominates, controls, your life your heart and soul does.

There is so much distraction out there. All to take you further away from your power & holistic healing to make you buy into and believe that you need that something to make you feel whole and it’s bullshit when all you need is yourself.

We have to stop allowing people to steal our power, and the only way we can do this is to heal. Heal the parts of us that allow this to be our life cycle.

I was asked yesterday ‘how ‘ we do it. How can we make the changes when they are in our life. Friends, family, work colleagues, husbands, boyfriends, additions etc. And the answer is it starts with you. You have to learn, you have to dedicate, you have to become self-responsible. Learn what is your truth & your boundaries, and change then happens naturally.

It begins and ends with you. You are your creator, you are your decision-maker. If you are not the priority then life will feel a whole lot harder and the only one that will suffer is you.

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