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You are in the right place if you are ready to understand why Rosacea has chosen your face.

If you feel exhausted from trying, seeking, the cure?

If you feel ready to open your heart and free your mind from the indoctrination that you are plagued by "Triggers" along with long lists of what you should avoid.

Sunshine, Foods, Diet, Outside living, Exercise to name a few 

to the power, wisdom and knowledge to end a life that revolves around your face. ​

Rosacea Freedom is about Reclaim.

The Reclaim of the very essence of who you are. To step into the life you deserve way beyond your face.​

I am an intuitive healer. I have been guiding and initiating people to heal and free themselves from suffering for years focusing on Rosacea for the last 10 years as this condition is so misunderstood.

With thousands suffering alone, caught up in the medical jargon and "Triggers" trap

that only disempower you from the healer Rosacea needs. YOU.

Jo's Offers

My Blogs

Are you tired of dealing with the redness, bumps, and irritation caused by Rosacea? As someone who has struggled & healed this Dis~ease, I understand how emotionally destroying it can be

 it can be.

My blog posts, I share my personal journey to finding Rosacea freedom and the tips and tricks that have helped me to a life beyond my face. 

Book a Call 

Are you ready to end this nightmare?

Are you ready to Reclaim not only your Face but your whole-self?

I would love to meet you on a call if

 you are tired of living life around your

face and have tried treatments and numerous modalities doing nothing

more than leaving your face red and you are looking to heal permanently and Reclaim not only your face but your


​I have helped hundreds of Rosacea Sufferers INCLUDING myself to divorce Rosacea for ever. ​

In our call you will get clarity on why Rosacea has chosen your face and how

you can begin today to reclaim not only your face but to take back your life. ​

Rosacea Freedom is real. What you have searched, believe or have been told is blocking you from the knowing the very cause and the innate

Potential & POWER TO HEAL.

My 75 minute calls are incredibly

valuable to get clarity, the real truth and

understanding of why Rosacea has

chosen your face and what you need to

do to Reclaim you Rosacea Free.



Rosacea Freedom 

 Rosacea Freedom Podcasts. My honest & transparent talks of how Rosacea nearly destroyed me.

 My healing process to freeing myself. All my tried and tested tools that you can begin using straight away to empower you to reclaim Your Face, Your Life.

With over 100 podcasts inspiring you to take back your power from Rosacea media the list of "Triggers" that disempower the very cure. YOU

Some of my Clients Feedback

"Good Morning Jo!! Out of all the things I have tried and all the people I have followed in my healing journey, you JO have helped me so much more than anyone, you really resonate with me and it is so lovely to be following your guides, you have helped me the most, and I just want to thank you for really being there for all of us, and your hard work in putting this together for us really does show through the whole guide, it is pieced together with so much love, thought, care and time... Thank you from the bottom of my heart you have given me so much hope and have been a real beacon of light in my journey. I continue to follow your guides every day!! I hope to one day join one of your somatic Flow~id Movement sessions to"|!! Lots of love 🧡🧡

"I really did believe Rosacea was my life until I meet Jo.

I put my trust in so many therapists, Doc's, and Derm's. in the hope to heal

my face. Jo was my last hope and I am so happy I found her.

From our first call she has an Amazing way of guiding you to see the reason behind your face and how you have the power to heal and reclaim your life from living around Rosacea.

This is how I feel. She really did teach me how to reclaim myself.

Jo thank you for transforming my life. You really have done that for me."

"Hi Jo! I wanted to take a moment and say hello. I hope things in your world are absolutely lovely. I wanted to let you know how very much I appreciate the time we spent together. Your warmth, support and encouragement were greatly needed and were so helpful in getting me on the right track. Your absolute resolve that I could influence my own experience of health was priceless. You are such a beautiful person and I am so grateful to have had the wonderful opportunity to work with you.

You are a blessing to the world." T

"That was amazing honestly you are such a blessing to this world. Such a gift I have been thinking about you a lot lately and about the beginning of my journey just comparing how I was when we first started working together and it's just mind-blowing insane how much I have changed and I will still always remember the first time I spoke. It was the first time I actually felt understood & understood myself. It's just incredible".

"I wanted to share my experience with Jo, it's such an incredible experience that I greatly recommend from the bottom of my heart. I was very unsure to book in for the calls, as I had already spent so much money on various Rosacea treatments.

Jo is in fact LIFE CHANGING. Nothing you can read or try to figure out yourself can compare to the way she always and completely understands the emotional mess you are in.

Every single time we spoke online or via WhatsApp she always magically knew the core of my emotions, where they came from and also how to calm my anxiety or my overthinking on the spot.

Also, being able to message Jo on WhatsApp, even about the

'silly' small things that in fact are not silly helped so much. I can't put into words how much she has helped me grow, and how much she has helped me identity and help me overcome certain issues I had in my life. If you are like and have had enough of having Rosacea and nothing is helping you, don't hesitate to reach out to Jo. I can without a doubt say that it will change your life and help you

feel good again Much love to everyone, always remember you are not alone"! X Jana


Get my Rosacea Freedom Ebook

An honest transparent story of how Rosacea nearly destroyed me, to understanding

my cause. My healing process to freeing myself.

I share how I healed and all my tried and tested tools that you can begin using straight

away. To Reclaim yourself, Your Face, Your Life.

Click the link to grab your copy 

& get my A to Z to healing for free


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