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Are you feeling tired, like you are all out of ideas of why Rosacea has chosen your face? 

Have you been told Rosacea is incurable? 

Have you tried many modalities in the hope it will be your cure? 

Does living with Rosacea affect you emotionally & physically? 

Do you find yourself constantly searching, googling to find out why you have Rosacea?

Does Rosacea stop you from living the life you dream of living? 

Does your life revolve around Rosacea?


I ‘see’ you, I ‘hear’ you as all the above was me. 


Whatever you have been told. Read or believe Rosacea to be? With the right guidance and tools. YOU have the POWER to Heal & Fade your face. I healed from this Dis~Ease. YOU can be too. 

I know first-hand how this dis-ease can affect you both mentally, emotionally & Physically.

My passion, and mission to help you heal comes from years of experiences as a holistic healer and my healing from Rosacea. 

We get told Rosacea is a life sentence. There is no cure. It is something we have to learn to live with. 

I want you to know I 'see' feel' and 'hear' you. There is no need to suffer alone anymore.

Spending hours of your precious energy & time searching & scanning the internet only to land on pages of red bulbous noses, crazy diets, medication suggestions & triggers only leaving you feeling disempowered & frustrated deflecting you away from your power to heal.  


I have so many Free Rosacea healing resources here on my website. My Rosacea Freedom Podcast, Blogs & my Ebook I share my rosacea journey and how I took back my power after 13 years of suffering from this dis~ease that are awakening wonderful souls to their power to heal and fade their face.



What is Rosacea

Healing Group?

Is a community dedicated to Rosacea healing?

A private space away from social media for those

willing and ready to commit to healing and fading

thier face.

You may have found me after trying many modalities, 

or traditional therapies and none have led you to your

why? and your power to heal. 

This group is where I can share my passion for your

healing. You will feel 'seen' feel supported and guided

to awaken to your Power with-in that holds all the

answers to why Rosacea has chosen your face and

what you need to embrace to heal and set yourself free. 




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Client Love

*Please note this praise is from 6~7 weeks of Rosacea Freedom Journey together

Oh Jo!!!!!! Thank you so much. For all that you have shown me, guided me throw, and been

there for me.  You have such a special place in my heart and in the lives and hearts of me kids and husband. I couldn’t and wouldn’t be here without you and I am forever thankful for all that

you are and all that you do for all of us!!!!

I finally feel like I can breath me after what has been so long or maybe forever!!!! 

And I do look at this roseaca as as a blessing. I would have continued to live a not authentic

me life if it wasn’t for this showing up on my face. Showing up to have me show up for myself.

To love my life!!! I have come so far I hold space and am true to my heart and what I wanted and

by doing that I see, I know I can do that more and more!!!!!!!!

We headed out on another adventure yesterday and it was epic!!!!!!!

We drove a couple hours to waterfalls we had never seen and swam and jumped off the

rocks and played and laughed I know that adventures light me up.

I traveled so much when I was younger and bringing that back into my life in away

with my kids and husband feels so good and swimming in water I know is something I need.

I love it!!!!!!!

I love you Jo! You are an amazing person and we are so lucky to have you!!!! 

Sending you our love and light!!!!!!!!!!! Erin

Hi Everyone!

I wanted to share my exerience with Jo, firstly because it's such an incredible

experience that I greatly recommend from the bottom of my heart and also because when

I first came across Jo, I was very unsure to book in for the calls,

as I had already spent so much money on various Rosacea treatments. 

What an incredible journey with Jo it is, speaking with

Jo is in fact LIFE CHANGING.

Nothing you can read or try to figure out yourself can compare to the way she always

and completely understands the emotional mess you are in.

Every single time we spoke online or via WhatsApp she always magically knew the

 core of my emotions, where they came from and also how to calm my anxiety or my

overthinking on the spot. Also, being able to message Jo on WhatsApp, even about the

'silly' small things that in fact are not silly helped so much. I can't put into words how much

she has helped me grow, and how much she has helped

me identity and help me overcome certain issues I had in my life.

So, if you are like and have had enough of having Rosecea and nothing is helping you,

don't hesitate to reach out to Jo.

I can without a doubt say that it will change your life and help you feel good again

Much love to everyone, always remember you are not alone!




Hi everyone, I would 100% recommend the private journey with Jo to anyone that feels

ready to throw away its old patterns heal and write a new page in their life 💙

This journey helped and changed my perception of things beyond what I hoped and

expected. Jo never let me down, checking in and guiding me through successes, setbacks, doubts

and victories. She always understood exactly where I was even when I didn't know how

to explain what I was going through, she was always able to rephrase, explain

and offer solutions. During my journey, I had a moment where I got lost and withdrew

myself, I was confused, sad, frustrated and even angry. Jo didn't give up on me,

and made me feel confident enough to open up to her despite

the storm that was going in my mind. This unlocked big locks in my mind,

and that's when my perception of things shifted. 

I've experienced times I felt free of the symptoms, and then setbacks, but she was always

here to celebrate the victories and listen to me and support me through setbacks. 

I've been given all the tools to work towards freedom again and navigate through the setbacks

that are normal parts of the healing process.

Thank you so much Jo, you are definitely a healer, an amazing guide and a

light of hope in this world 💙



I want to share my experience with Jo. She is such a blessing.

Jo is the first person in my life that has not ever made me feel bad about myself not once.

In my setbacks, she would encourage me not lecture me. 

That was something very new that I have never experienced. She has the gift of patience

and compassion that I have learned in our time to give to myself.

For years my mothers voice has been playing in my head, telling me I need to be perfect.

I’ve learned to have compassion for the little girl inside me that just wanted to be

me with no rules. There was always rules, always something I was doing wrong.

It hurt so much that I had to numb it for years. Not anymore.

Of course I have my setbacks but I give myself love and compassion and it doesn’t

matter anymore.

Jo you are amazing and I just wanted to brag about you💕


My Praise - If you are thinking you might benefit from some support in your life right now,

I SO recommend having a call with Jo. I can't tell you how wonderful it was to have

someone to talk to who has gone through the same ups and downs that goes along with Rosacea

and skin issues. I have learned so much working with Jo but some of the things that top my list are

1. Self-awareness 2. Self-discovery 3. Boundaries (why and how to create them) 4. How to disconnect myself from taking on the emotional rollercoasters of other people 5. Breathing 6. Acceptance

7. Self-love (Because if I don't…who else will??). Click Here to Continue Reading 


Hey Jo!


I have been doing better than I have all year. The last month in particular. I'm seeing some great improvements with my skin and mood. I no longer flush or get red in the face when I eat just about anything now (WOOOOO!!!).

While my skin isn't 'normal', it has been enough of an improvement to making me regain

 confidence again. I've also noticed a big change in my anxieties. 

It seems simplifying my life has given me a boost all around. 

Thank you for all the lessons you taught me this year. It's been a journey but I feel every step has gotten me to where I am now and where I needed to be :-)

Best to you Sarah


"I’ve been working with Jo for just a month and I already feel as though I can breathe more. I’ve

become aware of things I’ve been doing that I didn’t even know I was. Learning how I can

change this and lift them off my life. It is as though she is opening not only my eyes but my heart and body to let me live again and free myself from where I am at. I feel for the first time in a long time

that I can heal and I can live again. I’m so thankful I’ve found Jo and she is here to help me!"

Elisa x - California


 I am working one to one with Jo and I think the main thing it has given me so far is a kind of welcoming home to myself from myself. For me there was suppressed anger from years from my childhood and onwards. I have been writing again daily for the first time in years, writing about that stuff and finding myself again. But probably the most exciting thing is a feeling of giving myself permission to be me, what I've been craving for years. I'm on my own highway now.

Jo has to remind me it's a marathon, not a sprint, as after 20 years with Rosacea it's hard to imagine I can really lose it. 

For me it feels like a bigger journey than just about the Rosacea, and that is very

healing, empowering and exciting  

Lisa - UK


Dear Jo

I felt seen, heard and cared for and it's so good to have your support in this, especially as

no one has ever been able to give it to me in such a targeted way before.

Thank you for being there and for sharing what you learned for yourself.

 It was lovely and I felt I could talk to you for ages about this stuff too and really enjoyed

meeting you and spending that time together. 

Becky - UK


Hi Jo,

You said you wanted to provide me with what I was missing and that's exactly what you did,

thank you so much. Our conversations and lovely emails that followed paved the way for

some new and very much welcomed realisations which have helped me to turn a corner that

I couldn't even see before and now I feel very much on track with my work and purpose,

thank you so much Jo  Rebecca - Ireland


"Similar to Jo’s story I lost my Mother very suddenly & tragically when I was only 20yrs of age.

At the time I was told to be strong for my Dad & to get on with things. 

Years of suppressed emotions resulted in frustration & anger at the world and many of

the people in it. I felt unable to form lasting relationships due to trust issues. I used alcohol as a confidence crutch and spent a lot of time beating myself up.

Blame, guilt ... my self esteem was at an all time low. 

A very good friend recommended Jo to me. I read her profile & instantly connected with her story.

The realisation of knowing that I don’t have to live with the weight of the past on my shoulders

and that Jo could be my mentor in my quest for personal freedom was such a relief.

I’ve since been on two of Jo’s retreats and Jo has continued to mentor me via Skype. 

I feel more in control of my life & emotions & finally I have allowed myself to open my heart to love someone. I still find it hard at times but I’m much much kinder to myself when things do slip. With every slip is an opportunity to come back stronger and with more conviction. 


Thank You Jo with all my heart  - 💚 Sian 

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