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My name is Jo. I am an intuitive healer. My life came to a screaming halt 23 years ago when I was diagnosed with the disease Rosacea they said was incurable. Looking back Rosacea was the last straw that literally nearly broke me. But little did I know it was what would change my life.​


For ten years, I was a victim to my Rosacea face believing I was incurable and diseased. Rosacea felt like a prison. It dictated my life, my relationships, and the way I showed up in this world. Being told, I was diseased was heartbreaking, so I began my external quest to find my cure, costing me thousands of pounds and believing the lies of the ones who told me their products and treatments would cure my face.  ​


My Rosacea existence had me put all my energy into my career and I become a workaholic, as I tried everything I could to hide the redness of my nose and chin. Let alone the pain of my face the burning, itching, white sore pimples and the constant try to cover it whilst avoiding any reflection of myself. ​


In my addiction to searching for the cure, I tried my best to exist feeling full of anger & frustration. I became a slave to my sabotaging mind, an insomniac, hating myself a people pleaser, a binge drinker.


My life was slowly getting out of control. With a constant feeling of what is the point of this life?  I slowly began to understand that the system didn't care about Rosacea's impact on my emotional and physical well-being. It didn't want to hear me or help me. They only wanted to medicate me and dumb me with antidepressants.​


In 2001, at a dead end road, I decided that if I didn't help myself no one would. So I decided to divorce Rosacea and this way of existing and immersed myself in the most profound journey to heal myself. I immersed myself in myself. Connecting deeply with my spiritual self, my inner knowing that held such depth and wisdom, I had been disconnected and starving myself of for years. 


I soon discovered that I was the creator of my face. I had invited disease into my body by becoming a slave to my past and self-neglect. I was trying to live with the heaviness in the pit of my stomach, my grief, my mother issues, my conditioning to fit in, do the right thing, whilst avoiding my truth and my authenticity. ​


My rebirth and transformation immersed me in the study of mastering myself. This journey took me deep into my inner knowing, wisdom and of how to rebirth and transmute myself into a sovereign woman.  ​ I am here to break the spell that you need an external source to heal and set you free. I am here to help others discover and embrace their inner healer and the powers, wisdom, and magic we humans possess.  ​ I created Rosacea and Rosacea taught me how to RECLAIM ME. 

Want to know More? Get my Ebook "Tune Into Yourself Or Suffer" ~ My journey from Rosacea hell, my suffering, how I came to my healing and my Path to Freedom.





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