19 years ago, I was far from owning my life, but to the onlooker, I looked like I had it all. My own business,

a nice car, home, husband, new baby, the latest clothes and I was always smiling. I did an excellent job of

living that life until it got the better of me and nearly took me down. I couldn’t keep lying to myself.

I wasn't happy inside FULL STOP. I felt strangled in grief from the sudden death of my father in a car crash.

I had Rosacea for 13 years on my face. I suffered chronic back pain from being a workaholic and

was an anxious, angry, self-sabotaging human. I felt desperate.


I needed to find a cure for my burning, stinging, icthy, red face and severe low confidence.

No matter how hard I searched, researched, read or blamed I found nothing to ease face and

my emotional and physical pain. I became a workaholic and it was at work I was so busy I numbed the feelings.

It worked, but when I was out of my work environment the feelings came flooding back.

My life’s journey and experiences were taking a toll on me.

My face became redder which killed my confidence, fuelled my anger and frustration.

I became an expert in self-sabotage. It affected my sleep and left me feeling like

I was existing and governed by my mind's negative, cruel chatter. 


Within this time of chaos, a friend of mine asked if I would like to go to a yoga class with her

(very different from the gym yoga today), and within that class of breathing and moving I had a moment

of mental stillness. It is very hard to explain, but it was in that moment I had a window of awareness about

myself that gave me the courage to face up to all that I was feeling and untangle from my suffering.

I started to help myself and reach out for help and that is what began the journey that freed me from disease,

grief, anger, frustration, anxiety, self-sabotage but most of all after all those years, I started to

get to know MYSELF. I realised I was being controlled, believing and being a slave to my mind.

Learning and making discoveries about myself was a life-changer. I began living a life authentic to

me that naturally gave me happiness, health and a fun and loving life.


Since mastering the art of self-care and awareness and living how good it feels to free from my chaos,

I have become passionate about sharing my knowledge with others and guiding people

like YOU from right where you are to where you WANT to be... changing their lives for the better. 


I have written an Ebook where I share my story of how my suffering got me to where I am today and

empowered me to heal and evolve. I share my tips and life hacks that got me leaving the job I thought

I loved after 19 years. Moving countries, healing myself and making me realise all that I sufferer

from has enabled me to do a job I love and help guide so many people home.

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