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"Jo is an Alchemist. Others call her a Wise Women, Healer, Doula, a Witch. She has been guiding and hosting life-changing, healing retreats for over 11 years. She healed disease ~ Dis~Ease in her body and is an advocate for self-mastery and the power of self-healing ever since. ​

Jo has been guiding others to heal for years at her Healing and Breathing Retreat in Turkey. Rosacea arrived on her face and resided for over 10 soul~destroying years. She shares her story in her ebook "Tune into yourself or Suffer" 

After years of putting my faith and hope in others searching, seeking, and spending thousands to find the cure. It left me feeling alone, exhausted, frustrated, and desperate.


I decided after years of external hopeless searching, healing my Rosacea (trauma) the creator of my red face was down to me. I was sick and tired of being a salve to my constant cruel mind. From that day I dedicated to seek INward to get honest with myself to heal and fade my face. My truth was many aspects of my life was out of alignment. I was carrying the sudden death of father when I was 25,  Mother issues, ectopic pregnancy, trying to fit in, people pleaser, over doer, workaholic, binge drinking mess. My Alchemical Journey began.


I had to get honest with all I felt from deep inside and I soon realised that I was the answer I was seeking for all those years. And Rosacea is SO misunderstood. From the very first diagnosis, "You have an INCURABLE disease" to all the Rosacea media that disempowered me into believing they have what we need to cure. Trying to fool me into believing medication or drugs was my only option. That drove me further and further away from my cure. ME. 

Rosacea and its horrendous existence on my face had arrived to awaken me. The journey to this realisation was profound and I hope all of you reading this will TRUST in Yourself 

and embark on your very own journey. It's the best journey you will ever take believe me.  

My ebook and podcast Rosacea Freedom Talks have received thousands of downloads as my passion & message spread through Rosacea Sufferers to encourage you ALL to Reclaim your innate powers to heal. 

I created Rosacea. I healed Rosacea. It's time to break free from the spell that Rosacea is incurable and embark on a soul~journey to discover your innate worth and power to 

heal & liberate yourself from Rosacea MIND and lifestyle to Reclaim Who You Are. Your Life. This will fade your face.  

Jo offers 1:1 Rosacea Freedom Session Online &

Rosacea Freedom Journey is a 6 week Journey together. Please click here for more details 

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