Rosacea Freedom Journey   

I am so happy you clicked learn more. I know it may feel fearful but you are here because you are ready to Rise and to understand and move way beyond the grips of Rosacea. 

 After 13 years of living and feeling a victim to this disease.

I see you, I feel you, I hear you and want nothing more for you

to live in freedom as I do.

The 6 week journey includes  

4 hour 1:1 calls via Zoom - In our laid back calls that flow organically. I will help you discover and make sense of why Rosacea has chosen your face? and from what you share I will share my wisdom & knowledge of over 19 years and all tried and tested tools to offer you what/how you can begin to make self-empowering progress that will with ease out of the grips of the Rosacea mind, and flow you into all that you are. Your amazing Authentic-self, self-love, joy & passion to live your best life. 

Support in-between calls - There is no waiting between calls.

 We will be in contact via Whats App or messenger for what ever comes up. When you need some extra support, direction, motivation, questions, accountability, thoughts, feelings to talk something through, share your wins? (and there will be many wins). I got your back.

No more googling or trying to figure it out alone.

We are in this together and good progress from where you are to where you want to be 

will be made during this journey. 

Free access to my Private Rosacea Freedom Group Facebook group

My Ebook - Rosacea Freedom Podcasts. 

Your investment - £597.00

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