6 week Rosacea Freedom Journey 

Rosacea Freedom is a 1:1 bespoke journey to guide you into all that you are away from the grips of this disease.  


I know from the people I guide how deeply re-assuring this feels from the first call to feel 'seen, 'heard' and 'understood. I come from a deep understanding of this condition that awakened me, healed me, evolved my wisdom, knowledge and lit up my gifts and soul-purpose to guide Rosacea Suffers HOME. 


Living by the grips of Rosacea is exhausting. It can disconnect you from your essence, joy & purpose. Have you living with self-judgement? Frustration? Anger?  

Feeling Misunderstood, not 'seen', 'heard', fearful & anxious.  The symptoms of this disease can distance you away from your truth, incredible power, life purpose and magic that resides in you. 


I want you to know that Rosacea did not choose you to make you suffer? Rosacea wants you to see yourself, BE yourself, Embrace yourself, trust yourself and BELIEVE in yourself. Rosacea's persistence and soul-destroying symptoms are trying to awaken you to 'feel' and deeply trust your heart to live the life you dream of living.  


I walked my very own rosacea path for 13 years and have been free for ten years. I have been sharing my work through transformational retreats here in Turkey for the last nine years. I have witnessed Amazing transformations on my retreats with all my all my work, coming from my healing, the transformational journey of 20 years. 


7 years ago, I decided to open my heart and share my Rosacea story.

With 415 Million suffering from Rosacea. I am on a mission to reach others to support them to Freedom. With Rosacea continually being portrayed as a disease with 'no cure' something you have to live with or take long term meds to 'Maybe' get some relief. Which sadly so many are caught in this belief, a belief that isn't true as I am a survivor and my clients are healing and fading thier faces. 


Being guided and supported to learn how inherently worthy you are and knowing there is nothing wrong and so much RIGHT with you is the foundation to your very own unique path to FREEDOM.


If you feel drawn and ready to go all in on your transformation? Then please hit the button below to learn more. I can't wait to meet and guide you HOME 🌟


With Love Jo 💚