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9 week Rosacea Freedom Journey 

Rosacea Freedom is for you if you feel ready to Reclaim Yourself from living a life around your face and become the person you dream of being WITHOUT it. 


I know from the people I guide how deeply re-assuring it feels from the first call of feeling 'seen' 'heard' and 'understood by someone who has suffered, lived & healed from this dis-ease owning Who I am, living my purpose in guiding and initiating others to do the same. 

From our calls, you will soon learn how inherently worthy and powerful you are and how Rosacea needs only You to heal. You hold all the answers to Why Rosacea is residing on your face. The unveiling of your Why is what will set you FREE. 

This journey together is about becoming that person you dream of without Rosacea. It's about breaking free from the daily battle of living around your face. From the trap of searching for an external cure. From Rosacea's mind control around foods, diets, patterns, and cycles that restrict and limit all aspects of your life? 

This journey is about Reclaiming YOU. Connecting back to your innate unique Essence your soul. With my guidance and support, you will reconnect to what Rosacea is distracting you from. YOU. Your self-awareness, innate Intuition, knowledge, wisdom, and deep into your Heart's Truth. A journey of deep self–discovery and expansion that one day you will look back and thank Rosacea for. 

It's time to know you. To Love you. To heal you. To BEYOU and Celebrate YOU. 

Included in the 6-week Healing Journey?

  • 4 x 75 mins call via Zoom 

  • Unlimited support between calls via Whats App or Email. There is no waiting between sessions. I am here to support you for the duration of our journey together to listen, encourage, motivate, and support you every step of the way to awaken the healer within and reclaim your Alchemical Powers. Forget external searching or trying to figure it out alone. I am here. 

  • You will have my undivided attention, knowledge, and wisdom. From your unique journey and sharing, I will offer healing and empowering tools, such as breathing techniques and discourse to divorce you from your mind and deep into your soul and the very essence of who you are.


  • Your investment is £879 *Can be converted into all currencies. 

*Payment plans are available to make it possible for any budget *

I look forward to meeting & guiding you 

Jo 💚 

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