Are you keeping yourself from FREEDOM?

Rosacea can have you living out of the present moment. Going over old stories to make sense of it all.

The secret is to learn to be with yourself and feel into these mind games and in that moment of feeling it, give yourself exactly what you need at that moment. Give back to your younger self, Your teenage self your childhood self.

It’s the hurt the fear, the not feeling seen understood the trauma the experience the feeling the action the parents, the siblings, relationships that leave there mark on us emotionally. It is our responsibility as an adult to heal and free ourself to give ourself exactly what we needed, wanted, to receive at that moment.

You become your parent, best carer, your best friend, your best lover. Giving back to self, being you, present, loving yourself whole and living your best life is our way out of Rosacea Grip and into freedom.

Rosacea suffering from what the mind remembers. From the cycles of the mind. If we do not heal from what was, then what we experience in life NOW today, will only layer upon and spark the mind open to remember the parts of us that are waiting to be seen felt and healed. Rosacea freedom comes from awakening consciousness to your insane potential, your innate wisdom feeling into the shadows and embracing all parts of you. Becoming conscious allows us to have awareness around our thoughts, habits, and patterns which is the foundational step of transformation. An amazing, beautiful lifestyle of authentic-living, self-care and self-love.

Learning how to evolve into habits that serve you to consciously create who you want to become.

The sight and feeling of Rosacea were what gave me the courage to understand, trust and decondition from my not-self to become my whole-self. I hope you find that trust in yourself too, because it is there. It has always been there. Jo 💚 Seen by 6 Like Comment Comments Write a comment…

Jo Özden Admin · 28 January · Triggers are so confused for the cause of Rosacea. When you can see & feel how the Triggers are your bodies way of communication with you. A way to try to make you notice. A message/ reaction to bring you into awareness at the moment? To see/feel what is not serving you?. What is your mind thinking you are thinking? What are you remembering? The sad thing is and what makes Rosacea sufferers suffer for way longer than they deserve to is? When they get, feel, triggered, Flush, … See more 77 11 comments Seen by 50 Like Comment Comments View 2 more comments

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