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I am blown away with how many people will sign up to a course of laser treatment, or put themselves a strict beige diet, believe the sun is the devil. Cancel travel plans. Live with lists of unfulfilled dreams. Putting themselves in prison from the information out there.

How about once we are diagnosed instead of reaching for your keypad and doctor google you reached for yourself?

Like with questions like WTF is going on with me?

How am I feeling?

How have I created this face?

People can talk about feeling Anxious, depressed, fearful they can easily label themselves with these emotions but do not take responsibility to ask themselves WHY?

Why do I feel anxious? What in my life is making me feel Anxious? What is causing me to feel this way?

This might sound mental, but you know the answer as you are the one feeling anxious.

Have you ever asked yourself how you feel? Like truly feel? Believe me it's a life changer?

The amount of people I see who have abandoned themselves to seek the answer.

The amount of women who have forgotten the very essence that they are.

You are nothing without yourself. Take back your powers withIN. Be open to change your perspective and be brave enough to hear your inner voice and embrace your guide withIN.

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