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Who will heal your face? You will.

Do you know that when I begin working with a client Rosacea is mentioned a few times but the reason they seek me out and journey with me for a while is all to do with them?

Rosacea, the red face has gotten them to this point, yet the journey is discovering WHY Rosacea is present. When people find me they are at the point of exhaustion. All out of ideas, searched out and confused as to how if they have tried everything. Listened and been guided by the pros yet the face remains.

This is because Rosacea does not and will never respond to external practices. Freeing your face means freeing you whole. Healing your face is NOT separate from healing YOU. Rosacea comes from you. And ends with you. Rosacea is your inner compass it's your guide.

It is trying to communicate with you that you are not living to your highest good. In your authentic as you deserve to be and as your heart and soul want you to be. I know the part the mind plays with Rosacea It's as sabotaging Bitch.

Many people I meet for the first time talk and share all they are doing to cure their face. Talking about how they have tried so many modalities and how they “THINK” they are doing all they can. Doing all the right things. Eating the right foods. Staying out the sun. Meditating. Treatments. Lasers. Taking the Vitamins. Doctors, Derms, Alternative ‘doctors’ left feeling totally defeated, frustrated all out of pocket and confused. Rosacea is your porthole out of this mental torture and seeking.

The thing why so many will not “feel” it this way is because the mind becomes stronger and stronger with the knowledge and lies out there that in turn continually disconnected you from your innate power as you hand yourself in continuous hope that that next thing will be the thing. That new doctor with be the one. That next diet, next treatment, next referral, lack of sun, will be the thing to end this nightmare.

The other horrendous thing for us Rosacea sufferers is. All that has caused our face can lock us into feeling ashamed to share. Fearful to reach out as the mind will sabotage that and make sure you feel you are not worthy of help. Emotions are all over the place. Feeling alone. Sole survivor, feeling different, misunderstood. Riddled with fear, anxiety living a slave to the mind. I know this journey. I survived it. Rosacea was the making of me.

Please know I could not see the wood for trees for years. I suffered in silence, alone for years. I become so sick, so sad, so desperate. Who healed my face? I did. Who will heal your face? You will.

Please understand healing your face is not separate from the one wearing the face. You are your face. Your face is you. What Is causing your face? You are.

Who I have discovered from healing my face I sometimes wonder why I feared her so much. How did I abuse her for so many years. Why did I trust in them?  Self avoidance is rife and this was me. I wanted an outside force to save me. I can remember praying for that when all along my red face held every answer, knowing and wisdom on how to heal and reclaim myself. I had to go through it to claim the prize.

You are yours for the taking. Stop believing Rosacea is ruining your life or your reason for suffering only you can do that to yourself.

Rosacea freed-me. I not only reclaimed my face I discovered who I was and my purpose of my very existence.

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