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Blaming Rosacea for your suffering

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

This may seem harsh but this is some Rosacea Truth I want to share with you. To stop blaming the face for our surfing or limiting our life experiences.


The reason we are angry,

The reason we can't eat certain foods,

The reason we can't be in a relationship.

The reason we can't go in the sun.

The reason we can't go swimming.

The reason I won’t sleepover.

The reason I can't drink a glass of wine.

The reason I can't make love.

The reason I can't exercise,

The reason I can't drink a hot drink.

The reason I don't feel my worth

The reason I don't feel confident

You only have to google Rosacea and you will get a good old list of what they (whoever THEY are) suggest you cant do. Many read this and cut all the good things, all the things they love out of their life because they have read it from someone who has never suffered this die~ease.

ROSACEA a result of

Living with Trauma

If you are not living in your truth?

If you are not listening to your intuition or gut language and doing the opposite?

If you feel anxious?

If you have grief?

If you have regret or shame?

If you are not living in your highest vibration?

If you have never taken the time to figure out what you do love or what is your purpose?

If you live in denial?

If you are a people pleaser?

If you have low confidence?

If you are in a low vibe relationship?

Rosacea is your messenger, Your guide. It has arrived to awaken you to your greatness for you to live in harmony with your highest vibration. We are so lucky to have this sensitive messenger that responds so quickly when WE are not living in divine alignment.

Rosacea hasn’t arrived on your face to make you suffer? It arrived to awaken your consciousness.

Someone asked me if my awakening was progressive or sudden? I lived in denial of my trauma and pain for years. Layers upon layers of blaming outside forces, people, my dad's death, my mum and I’s relationship and so on until that one day when. I was all out of ideas. All out of hope. The spark in me was always there just hidden by all that was not me and JO started to rise. So it was a slow awakening after I had tried so many things. She embraced herself and began the journey home.

If anything here what I have written has resonated with you? You will feel it somewhere in your body. That is how insanely power~filled you are. If you felt no resonance here? and you believe there is no cure? that is ok too. We all have the free will to choose and I wish you all the best on whatever path you are destined to choose.

Jo 💚

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