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What Rosacea can do to us.

I get many people write to me. Sharing their journey and how Rosacea life is treating them. Many questions because let's face it healing form Rosacea is not the norm or even possible if you ask the pro’s of little to Rosacea Media. So people do get curious on how I healed as they try to get their head the possibility of self-healing.

Most people when they first make contact ask me about my protocol? I reply I have no protocol. The ask about my program? I have no program. No set rules. Not one size fits all plan. I am a guide. Here to shine light on, guide you into your own healing journey. Out of what has not been working for you for years. Out dated thought cycles into your own unique Rules to awaken you from your face. I found and welcomed my gifts on my healing journey, and it was Rosacea that instigated my awakening to who I AM and my purpose.

The thing was even in my darkest times and reddest of face I knew deep inside who I was I just didn’t know how to access her and get all the emotional and mental shit that veiled ME to dissolve to reveal me. I encourage people to contact me if they feel drawn as I KNOW how lonely this dis-ease can have us feeling let alone believing. After all there are millions of Rosacea suffers all believing they have a red face for life and the only option is meds, drugs or learn to live with it. Like I said I like hearing from people, but it is very rare I get a reply.

People write to tell me how ready they are and how much they want to heal, yet I never hear back. From the way people write, use words can reveal to me where they are on their journey and Rosacea is BRILLIANT at fuckin with our head. At that moment of contact confidence and wanting to take back their power, feels good. Yes. The next moment fear and the mind ruins that confident moment as we question am I ready, can I do this? I have tried EVERYTHING how do I know this will work? All sorts of mind nonsense that steal your power and courage to heal and Reclaim you. I know this was my mind. One minute I was all in then I was all the way OUT. Constant mind battles.

Rosacea Mind. Yes I remember it had me existing on all sorts of nonsense. Mind games, mental role plays. Believing I knew the others reply before I even asked. Excuses, blame, past addiction, imaging how life would be without my face. How confident I would be if only Rosacea would stop me being me. Can you relate? Most people I guide are therapists are yoga teachers, are mentors, are teachers. Most have a whole load of tools, have taken 10s even hundreds of courses to be the best version of themselves. I have many that on paper would make me look like a retard so why are they still suffering. Because they seek it and haven’t practiced it.

The next course will do it. The next Guru will show me. That next qualification will be the one. When I had my healing yoga Retreat here in Turkey I had a lady approach me asking if she could come and shadow me as she had taken wait for it 5 yoga teachers trainings but had NO home practice of her own. So she came to me looking to learn how to teach. Do you know where we began? With HER. The very one she had bypassed whilst taking on others people knowledge that was meant for them, not her. Yes we can be inspired, but we are not walking the same path. You are UNIQUE and you have got to want it and do it for you.

If Rosacea had a quote I believe it would be “Please let me show you the way out of this into knowing who you are, your purpose, wisdom and how magic that you are”.

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