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Empty Your Cup

Updated: Oct 20, 2023

I am a healer so of course I want every one to heal and feel the difference between suffering and feeling free and healed of course I do.

I am Clairsentient and the way I guide others to heal is from the person who is wanting to heal. From you sharing of from just being in your company is all it takes.

But it still was a hard one for me as I know I could look you direct into your eyes and tell you you could heal but the healing and work has and can only come from you. The decision that turning point has to come form you and it doesn't matter how much I shout or scream the truth. I know the journey to heal is the purpose and only possible way to Know Thy Self.

So I came to the acceptance that many will not heal. I accept.

One reason many will not be in a place to allow themselves to heal is because the mind is so full. Full to the brim of external research, seeking, searching, trying, believing and asking that there is no space left to listen. To take on, or in new knowledge especially the knowledge and wisdom of self.

The mind convinces you it knows best and will keep you in repeated mind sets, routines and control. It keeps doors well a truly shut on the truth that you know. and will keep having you walking down dead end streets in hope.

The mind will have you BYPASS and de sensitise your self the very thing that will lead to you onto your healing path as it doesn't stand a chance against the ruler, slave driving mind. So people remain in a life of what the mind says do. Cut off from the very powers that will lead, guide them to the answers that will expand, heal and on their very own path to Freedom.

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