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Healing is not Linear

When people ask me ‘How long have you been consciously healing for’ and I say 20 years! They are like NOOOOO wayyyy “I can't wait 20 years to heal and fade my face? "I need to find something instant". "I need to find a pill or a cream” and so their search continues.

So many see the word ‘healing’ and go into denial that they have nothing to heal and that Rosacea has come from some outside force. Hence the Rosacea Media and the hundreds of thousands that are in Rosacea Facebook groups talking nothing but symptoms, temporary solutions with soul-destroying ideas & long trigger lists that only drive you way away from your innate power to heal and the cause of why Rosacea has chosen your face.

Rosacea's message is really clear. It wants you to be the best version of yourself. It wants to stop living small. It wants you to stop living in fear. It wants you to be HONEST with yourself to acknowledge & release the suppressed emotions/trauma that you have experienced in this lifetime to date. To clear and make space for all that YOU ARE.

WE are too so emphatic, & way too sensitive to carry what is not ours. What was put upon us. What we went through, How we felt. What we may now regret. People, parents, friends, relationships, choices, TRYING TO FIT IN, feeling the odd one. ALL that happened in our past was to teach us, evolve us, guide us to understand and KNOW us was the journey. IT IS NOT THE NOW.

We become so full up on what was, that it reflects in our face. For others in denial, it could mean cancer, diabetes, fibromyalgia, depression, to name a few.

Healing is our journey of this lifetime, not some easy quick fix? is! This is a journey for us to learn and blossom into the best version of ourselves. To live from our truth. What is right from our heart. Letting go of regrets? Embracing healing ignites our power, our magic, our courage, our choices. Offers us open awareness, healthier, mind, body and soul.

It allows us to let go of ANYTHING, not ours to carry because we know deep inside this is not ours to carry forward into our future. It stops with us.

You see we have a choice. It all comes down to choice. WE can build a life from today, from the now that we will love, cherish and feel free in. OR we can stay in fear, doubt and a victim to our face.

Rosacea will definitely give, offer you fear, doubt and victim mentality it can be brutal. But I need you to know it has nothing to do with your face.

Healing is a lifes journey, the only journey we were born to live. To master & embrace who we truly are. It is not linear it is just as it should be. This is why we have good and bad days, fell defeated and low somedays. Feel free and high on others because you are doing the work and offering yourself what it takes to feel beYOU.

Yes I have been living this way for 20 years and I thank Rosacea for putting me in the dark in making me the women I am today.

I have become the best version of myself to date whilst being in the same relationship for 26 years, Married for 20 yrs. Raising 2 children now 19 & 17 ~ living in a foreign country with no language. I lost a baby, I lost my dad, my mum, my mother~in~law, my father in~law, My best friend to cancer. I have been challenged in my marriage and in relationships. I feel different from almost everybody and am socially awkward when I meet new people yet I can stand up and teach a hundred people. I am a introvert. AND through it all I have overcome this dis~ease in my body.

I have become 100% in acceptance of my complex, uniqueself. I don't need to fit in. It is a waste of my precious energy of what people think of me. If people are judging me then they are judging themselves.

Rosacea was my awakening 20 years ago for the rest of my life.

Stepping into your light is truly self-empowering. Never ever forget You are Amazing!

Jo 💚

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