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Updated: Jul 27, 2021

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Rosacea - Hates Avoidance

I was just tagged in this post by a follower on Instagram and love that this quote prompted her to think of me as it is right up my street and so true. 🙌🏽

Avoidance fuels our face and that stiff upper lip or hiding behind smiles or saying ‘everything is fine’ when you feel it not.

Avoidance! I was a pro at.

Avoidance I had a hard relationship with my mum

Avoidance that I could cope fine even though my dad had been killed

Avoidance that I was suppressing my feelings

Avoidance of low self-worth and never feeling good enough

Avoidance of the way I really felt

Avoidance that I was a workaholic to avoid my pain

The list could go on...........

As soon as I got up close and personal with my true feelings and repetitive thoughts it gave me the power to embrace life in a different way. MY WAY.

Q. Can you resonate with any of this?

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