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IT’S time to love yourself WHOLE.

I think all us Rosacea sufferers here can relate to the exhaustion, sometimes obsession, sometimes frustration, anger of continual searching for the answer as to why Rosacea has chosen our face after all we have been through. The art is in learning to listen. Finding the courage to listen. From goggling, searching, and Thinking you are being attacked by some outside force. You are the force. You are the Answer you are looking for. You have always been. You have all the answers inside of you just waiting to be acknowledged, loved into, forgiven, understood, worked through to self~empowerment.

Your inner child, your teenage~self, your adult self taking the responsibility & learning to love into all the parts of you that remember how it was. Those experiences, the past that was never meant to shape you or break you it was ONLY ever your lessons to MAKE YOU. THIS may sound flippant if you are reading this feeling pain or trauma but it was my trauma, my healing that revealed, power my gifts and made me the women I am today.

Finding your power, your truth from what was, your lifetime to date is your purpose. Rosacea is your messenger, you are your guide, the guru you seek to make all things wonderful. The search is over ~ you hold the key to your destiny ~ you are your destiny.

IT’S time to love yourself WHOLE 🦋💚🌈⭕️

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Mariana Colon
Mariana Colon
Jul 23, 2021

I really like this post!!! And I've been listening to your podcast. Which I appreciate. I do have a question though I truly believe that our intuition is our guide and like you said people with rosace are sensitives. What can we do to harness this gift of sensitivity and what practices have you developed in order to protect yourself? I know that I'm truly a sensitive/empathi can pick up on people's emotions and read them rather quickly but I still don't know how to take advantage of this fully. I'm a mental health therapist so I definitely lean on this gift in the work that I do.any suggestions,bks, tips appreciated

Jo Ozden
Jo Ozden
Jul 27, 2021
Replying to

Hi Mariana,

Thank you for your lovely share 🙏🏽 and very happy you have found my podcast.

I always protect myself when working clients online and teaching in person by wrapping myself in gold light to keep my energies mine as, as you know being so empathic we can take on others energies.

I also always cleanse my space after and before I work. My personal practice and grounding are great also to keep me in alignment.

Did you have a specific example’s that show up for you?

Jo 💚

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