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Rosacea Wants you to take it EASY!

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

Stop being so hard on yourself!

Generally, when I meet a client with Rosacea for the first time they are so consumed by the mind and have very strict rules and regimes that they are trying to live by to heal Rosacea.

And a lot of the time these rules and regimes are something they have seen or heard of online in great hope to heal.

So much frustration, restriction and life dissatisfaction can come from these hard and demanding rules that are only cancelling out the messages and removing you further from your truth and from what you need to be feeling/ discovering from your insane healing powers.

Rosacea wants you to heal. And I know you might shout “Yeah but HOW? Well, that’s the self-enquiry conversation you need to have with yourself.

Do you know just changing one thing that you do everyday or think about daily through habit can open up the power you need to fade your face and placing strict rules or regimes on yourself is not one of them?

So many I guide speak so cruelly about themselves. And yes I did too for years. I hated myself for my red face and all its side effects.

Think about this? If your small self your inner child was standing in front of you looking into your eyes would you say it was ugly, would you bark at it to get things done, would you call her/he cruel names, would you steal her confidence, would you say she/he was worthless, NO. You would give that little you space to help her/him understand and do your best to free her/him of what the burden is, what the trauma was, what the past was but so few can hold that space for themselves today. They have let the past, in all its glory reside in the body to fester and result in what is ROSACEA.

After 13 years of suffering and when that time finally came for me to own up and stop pretending I was ok. Hiding behind my smile. Becoming anti-social because of my face, constantly researching, spending thousands on products. I knew exactly what my suffering was. The trauma I had experienced, the relationship with my mum, my dad getting killed in a car crash, childhood it was all there festering away in me while I tried so hard to carry regardless or should I say existing on regardless.

You restrict yourself from evolving so much with all these rules and demands you put on yourself when healing and understanding can only come from indulging in your greatness. Go easy on yourself, compassion, kindness. Give yourself time and space for the inner messages to rise, your truth and then for you to take action on them one at a time. There is nothing to fear here only Freedom.

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