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Rosacea & Eating

Updated: Oct 20, 2023

or so many foods are the top of the control narrative or (rosacea mind) as I call it.

Food becomes the enemy as you only have to google or go to any rosacea groups to will find a big restricting list of foods to be avoided or could be the triggers for Rosacea. As soon as this control mentality comes in LOVE, Soul, the body goes out the window giving the mind the control to make you believe you have to eat a limited, bland and eliminate all the foods YOU love, enjoy out of your life.

This creates a huge amount of fear and stigma around food. This creates anxiety around food times, I know people who have dreaded breakfast, lunch and dinner. This mindset & anxiety shortens our breath kicks the mind into nonsense narratives and puts us straight back into fight or flight.

Food choices, overthinking. I can’t have this. I can’t have that. Not going out for dinner with friends. Dreading eating with the family. Cooking separate meals for you than others. It's horrible. limiting, stressful way to live. (maybe you resonate)

When you get so focused on control it sends the mindset into self~punishment even sabotage. Eating becomes a chore, sometimes avoided. You don’t want to eat because the reaction it has on your face will make you flare, go red, itch and so on. And you know the truth is it has nothing to do with eating or the foods but all to do with how we feel, our feelings, our reactions, our perception of food because that’s Rosacea right?

Nourishment gets driven out of your reality. When you are in this mindset food can become evil and only adds to the facial reaction. When what it really is, is spiritual deflection. Deflection from what the core reason is your face is red.

Food choices, eating, mealtime is Pure NOURISHMENT, our power, our energy, self-care, self-love, all paramount for our health, open spacious mentality, body & soul.

**When we go inward to honour and undo ourselves from the control to heal the parts of us that are guiding us to do so through body sensations, aches, pains, anger, frustration, bitterness, regret or in our case (rosacea) you heal all of you.

Awakening to your consciousness, your greatness, your power is a beautiful thing.

🌟Q. Do, can you resonate with this?

🌟Q.Would love to hear any thoughts?

Jo 💚

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