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Rosacea freedom Journey

How it is the path to freedom.

The last time I looked was years ago they said 4.5 million people had Rosacea. I know so many living thinking they have a disease Horrific and that they have to learn to live with this for the rest of their life. BECAUSE that is what the professional have told them.

Wrong but some this will remain true for the rest of their lives hence why I began in 2008 to share my story to invite people to 1 feel not alone and 2 to know that if they ant to they can heal from this Dis~Ease.

The way each one of that huge number will heal is Unique. Not one person will heal the same. As each one of us are different.

Yet they push the same meds, advice, protocols, skin regimes, diets, triggers, dos and dont's on to us all slinging us all in the same boat that really does feel like a sinking ship.

The same with a-lot of therapies.

All studied from the same course or written papers that someone else wrote in what they have studied to be correct but how can it be when all of us are unique and different.

I know for myself. I spent a-lot of my hard earned cash on self help books. I would stand for hours in Waterstones looking for the book that would change my life and free me from my face? Piles of books me thinking, gave me ideas but I never healed that why. WHY because it wasn't written for me or from a person who had Rosacea.

Rosacea comes from your experience your life style, your choses, your way of thinking. It is non-linear and is not the same for any 2 people.

Each one of us will have a different reason for why our face is red, sore, burning, flushing, sore white spots. Each one of us reason different. Each one of us will have a very unique way to heal and reclaim our face.

In my years of guiding others myself though my healing and guiding others to to heal. We have many similarities but No 2 people ever, ever heal the same. Until I am with the person I am healing either online or in person I have no idea how I will guide this person to heal. Because the way you understand and are going to heal comes from you.

I have no manual, no book, no rules, no structure or program this is a healing journey that comes from you, for you, to heal you.

Normally people find me when they are desperate to heal. Having tried everything out there in the name of Rosacea with no success. Im sure you can relate?

Rosacea Healing is unique and when someone decides to take a journey with me I have no doubt in my mind they will heal. Because I know as soon as I meet a person and spend a little time with them the route to their unique healing soon reveals itself from what we share and the transformation begins.

I am blessed with my gifts from the universe in this lifetime to guide others to heal into their divine essential self. It is a honour and a pleasure to be invited to do so. And there is nothing more beautiful then witnessing a soul, understand why Rosacea has chosen their face and how they have all they need to heal and reclaim their face. Reclaim themselves on their unique path to freedom.

Stop believing them & start trusting you.

Jo 💚

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