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Rosacea is to awaken you NOT make you Suffer

Happy brand new week Wonderful-souls 🦋

What's beautiful about a brand new week, a brand new day is. I see it as a blank canvas to be in, show up in, and live on my terms.

This present way of thinking is not always the case for me as when I had Rosacea bad the days felt more like a repeat, repeat, repeat a Is was stuck in a phase of my life where everything felt heavy, dull, miserable, hard a struggle.

Rosacea knows we have been through a lot in our growing up years as it resides heavily in our body and stubborn on repeat in our minds. The reason it all feels so chaotic is that nothing can dampen or put out our flame. We are warriors, no matter what the past gave us to experience, we are warriors.

Rosacea is a constant reminder of that as it reveals to us in the way it feels, its symptoms, its redness. Where it is on our face, and when it shows up the worse for in our daily lives. It's the learning to become conscious of ourselves daily. Learning that the mind is not our guide the heart is and as we awaken our soul reveals and heals the wounds and parts of us that we think we can ignore or live on carrying, being reminded off as we break free from all that is not us, into all that we are. We are responsible for all ourselves.

There is no reflecting back on the parts of our lives that now we are adults didn't serve us. The trauma we witnessed or was part of. The parents that disempowered us, the past. What was? What has been? If those parts of us are left in pain if we are stuck in the memories.

🤔I hope that you will one day get the love you thought you deserved?

🤔The apology?

🤔The why it happened?

🤔Why did he/she act that way to me.

🤔How did I deserve that.

🤔Couldn't they see I was suffering?

These questions and no answers are what is lying unresolved under your skin. In your body, in your tissues. You are congested with memories and strict mind control and the beautiful thing is you don't have to be. It is all about choice. Because you have the power to change it. You have the choice to STOP carrying it. To Awaken to YOU. To BeYOU, Heal YOU, Release YOU from the minds cycle. To Forgive yourself. To forgive others, to feel everything you long to feel beyond Rosacea.

Rosacea is clever. It shows you, feels you in every moment of what is aligned for you. What people are your people. What situations you are comfortable in. It will let you know when you make a wrong decision it tunes you in to your wisdom your know your INTUITION it is so sensitive to all parts of you and has your very best interest at heart. Rosacea wants you to live in your consciousness, from your knowledge, wisdom, alignment, honouring yourself first, your worth, confidence and most of all in SELF-LOVE.

You are all and everything you need in this life~time. its time to trust that.

🌟Your thoughts always welcome below 😍

I would love to know if this resonates with you?

Jo 💚

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