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Rosacea Needs YOU

Updated: Oct 20, 2023

Sharing my mantra that is present for me NOW.

I honour my practice for Myself to Myself everyday since my awakening 20 years ago.

This is my dedication to myself and to wonderful-souls to be of service. Yesterday a wonderful-soul thanked me for my dedication to my process and my work 🙏🏽 ~ Holding space for myself is my lifestyle was a beautiful realisation and recognition of my work. ⭕️

Reaching out for guidance was my best decision 20 years ago after talking with the Pro’s & trying everything I could get my hands on in the external world to heal my pain, make sense of how I was feeling, and fading my face.

So many will come to me having tired so many modalities, SO many. They work for a while, you feel hopeful, until you notice it is not fading your face. The whole reason you invested init in the first place. So you go onto the next one, the next and the next.

The Rosacea Process, Healing Process is like that though. You WILL try all the modalities, talk to all the pro’s because it is in the disbelief that Rosacea has come from you that creates the denial and endless searching, only to bring confusion, disempowerment.

The only 'thing' you need to INVEST in, is YOURSELF.

Rosacea is so unique and so misunderstood by ANYONE who has not suffered this Dis~ease. There is so much more to it than our Red Face and what people see with thier eyes. YOU are a warrior as Rosacea waits patiently for you to come to this realisation.

I am so happy to have worked with most in this group ~Thank-you for trusting me with your process and allowing me to witness such Amazing, life-changing, Transmutations, transformations and awakenings out of Rosacea Mind and what you ‘thought' it was to lift the veils on past history to reveal your truths and hearts desires.

YOU are worthy of guidance, you are worthy of support. I LOVE holding space for your energies in this group.

🌟How does my mantra resonate with you?

Jo 💚

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