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Rosacea sufferers are warriors. I have meet so many. We have a uniqueness a warrior energy.

Updated: Oct 20, 2023

Take a moment to feel into self-appreciation, deep love and awareness of how wonderful you are.

Rosacea sufferers are warriors. I have meet so many. We have a uniqueness a warrior energy.

We are brave. We are courageous.

Healing this dis-ease is not for the weak or for the deniers on this earth. For the ones that make do to please or become a victim to their suffering.

Healing is for the ones where the light never dies. That spark in us so persistent. The soul messages that keep communicating when we are at our lowest.

This journey is about becoming your best fan. Honouring. Self-serving. Swimming in self-awareness to take action, and love into, change or let go off, to serve your truth on a soul level.

We are complex beINS and undoing what we thought was right. De~conditioning from how we was raised and brought up. Our experiences to embracing our true knowing and wisdom is our reason for breathing.

The relationship we have with ourself is the most important. It takes great courage to marry who we really, madly, deeply are. Especially when we are up against a society that wants to dis-empower us and disasociate us from our innate power to heal by trying to make us believe that we need them, to heal. That somthing outside of us is what we need to heal and fade our face. Trying to sign us up to drugs and meds for their own gain. You have all you need if you are brave enough to give yourself a chance. Rosacea began with you and can end with you.

Rosacea is so misunderstood by anyone who hasn't had it.

And so understood by the ones that have healed from it.

My mission continues. WHY? You may ask. Its simple. To many Amazing souls are suffering from a condition that they can heal.

Jo 🏵💚

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