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Rosacea - the resistance to love yourself unconditionally.?

I speak with many people and halfway through the call you can see, witness them start to light up, feel lighter, happier, hopeful.

The self-sabotage that goes on with 99.9% of Rosacea sufferers is one huge reason the face continues to glow.

If you can’t love the inner-you it’s like self-abandonment. The constant looking at yourself on surface value. The constant searching on the outside for the cure, the answer, the resolve.

Learning to love yourself unconditionally is a process. We need to change up old habits, old thought patterns AND be OPEN to learning new ways. You need to stop being your own enemy of existing in a body and spirit just waiting, begging you to become whole, to become one with yourself.

Rosacea is like the final say. Your body has been trying to make you listen for a good while from the congestion of the past you are containing in your inner-being and rosacea is the result of this and my god doesn’t it make us notice.

From working with Rosaceans it normally takes around just 3 months to realise Rosacea was there to awaken then and fade the face and that’s a crazy short time after all the years they have spent suffering.

Be kind to yourself always. Rosacea didn’t just appear to take you down and make you suffer it appeared to get your attention and guide you to


Q. What are your thoughts on UnConditional LOVE?

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