Updated: Jul 27, 2021

Is not a time to seek drugs or creams. It a time to take a long-awaited look inside.

I want to say from the onset that I believe you can get freedom from Rosacea.  I am living breathing proof of that and so are many of the clients I help.

You see Rosacea isn't just about a red face. It is so much more than that. It kills our self-confidence, can make us hide away, feel anger, frustration, even desperate. We can become an expert at self-sabotaging and it can steal our joy for living as we spiral into a life that takes us so far away from our truth.

Rosacea I believe is the last call from the body for us to take notice, of what we are feeling, how we are living and how we treat our body. It's like we become a slave to our minds as it tries to convince us of the negative chatter it spews at us making us be even harder and unkind to ourselves.

82 million people are suffering from this soul-destroying disease and very slowly I am excited to see that figure drop one person at a time as freedom prevails. BUT if you are reading this in the hope I will reveal a special drug, pill or magic cream as my saviour then you can STOP reading here and I am so sorry to disappoint you as the truth is it takes a lot more work on your part to heal and fade your face.

Rosacea I believe comes from past experiences, trauma, there was a trigger in your past that created this outcome. This is not all about self-inflicting things we might have done to ourselves that has us in regret but things we had no control over or was exposed to without any choice.

Rosacea is there for a reason that reason is to start taking serious notice of yourself stop searching for the answer and take notice of your wonderful-self and start the magical journey of becoming YOU to understand and release and begin the powerful transition to become self-aware, honest and indulge in the incredible journey to re-sensitise with yourself, understand yourself, and your incredible potential to nurture your body that is crying out for YOUR recognition to release, heal and RISE from the grips of this crippling disease. The disease that doctors and dermatologists say there is no cure for.

Rosacea can make us feel very desperate as I constantly see people, especially on Rosacea Facebook groups searching no end for medicine and pills, using things like horse paste on there delicate skin that may give tempory relief and others things that I wouldn't dare put anywhere near my skin. Hundreds of comments with people sharing what cream did and didn't work along with some really crazy shit that people are doing and putting on their skin in desperation to heal. Yet none of them, none of them EVER talk about emotions or the past. I see them spending thousands on creams in hope because someone wrote they had temporary relief. I Spent thousands on creams, lasers, Chinese doctors, microdermabrasion, herbs, diets, numerous doctors visits that offered nothing but long-term antibiotics or anti-depression tablets Blah-Blah-Blah do you know that feeling?

The path you have to look down is how you can help yourself heal. I know it is so boring when you just want to wake up with clear skin as I did EVERY Single day for 13 years and wish for old life back, BUT just that reaction alone is like fuel to the fire and that attitude is just a breeding ground for Rosacea, but you see that is what Rosacea does it makes us hate the way we look, it makes us forget out greatness and takes us so far away the most important reason for living YOU.

So many roll their eyes when I say the cause comes from them and believe me until you are ready to fade your face and get well? Symptoms will p