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Triggers are so confused for the cause of Rosacea.

When you can see & feel how the Triggers are your bodies way of communication with you. A way to try to make you notice. A message/ reaction to bring you into awareness at the moment? To see/feel what is not serving you?. What is your mind thinking you are thinking? What are you remembering?

The sad thing is and what makes Rosacea sufferers suffer for way longer than they deserve to is? When they get, feel, triggered, Flush, hot, stinging, burning, itching. Breathing instantly shortens, anxiety, fear kicks in. They go all-in on negativity on themselves, like a self-punishment blaming, hating on themselves for your Heart/souls messages that have your best interests at heart. TO keep you in alinement, in your truth. In your business, out of pain and suffering.

The triggers are NOT your Enemies. The triggers are not your reason to hate on yourself, judge yourself, disrespect your greatness. Its is all that you are not. All that you no longer need to carry. They are trying to make you see what is for you and what isn't for you. What you have been putting up with that is no longer for you. They are your teachers to flow you in to your innate wisdom, self-love, life-love, life-desires.

Here is a list of what was my Triggers

My mum

My childhood

My Sibling

People pleaser

The death of my dad

What people thought of me

New situations

Not speaking my truth

Living by others rules

Trying to prove myself

Not feeling seen or heard (some examples)

Triggers are your reason to heal anything that consumes you? Mind cycle patterns that come a go but always come with the same emotion reminders. All that list above wasn't ME and the triggers my Rosacea taught me how to let go, find myself and be ME.

Q, Can of you relate to my triggers?

Would love to hear your thoughts?

Jo 💚

P.s you may like to check out my Podcast about triggers.

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