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Why Work With Jo

Updated: Oct 20, 2023

My client asked me to share this with you "I came across Jo’s podcasts through a podcast app and started listening, that truly was the beginning for me. I listened and listened, thinking ‘I feel like this’. I looked at Jo’s offer of the free call with her and went to send an email, but I didn’t find the courage to hit send. I genuinely think I wasn’t fully ready. A couple of months later, following more listening to the podcasts, and resonating with everything, one day I just thought I’m going to contact Jo and set up a call. I was so nervous prior to the call, thinking ‘oh my god, what am I doing’ but at the same time thinking ‘take a leap of faith, do it, be brave’. The time of the call was after I finished work, I was thinking about the call all day and what would happen and how it would go. After the first few minutes, I felt at ease, I felt comfortable with Jo. She has the ability to make you feel comfortable and forget about any nerves or shyness. I feel Jo is a special kind of person with a special kind of ability! Jo will take you to places you don’t want to necessarily go but she opens those doors as an opportunity to see what’s behind them and to walk through them. She shows you what the possibilities are! Jo never pushes you or forces you to face anything you don’t want too but if she feels you are ready, she will gently prod to encourage you to be brave enough and feel comfortable enough to just take a sneak peek and decide for yourself. Of course, you do take a look and you are going through the door before you even realise that’s what you are doing because that’s the beauty of Jo and just how special she is. She knows when you are at that point and are ready to take another step to healing and the freedom, we are all seeking. And most importantly Jo is with you every step of the way, checking in and checking you are ok and in my experience, she asked me questions at a time I didn’t even realise needed answering. She has special powers I feel extremely privileged to have worked with Jo, because without Jo I wouldn’t be where I am now. I feel it should be mandatory to work with Jo but on reflection, only the people who are truly ready will fulfil that goal. My hope is that anyone out there that’s stuck in the toxic cycle, that they be brave, take a leap of faith, look outside that damaging cycle and whole heartedly do the hard work to free themselves. The hard work isn’t easy, and there’s no quick fix. If you allow yourself to accept that we are all on a life-long journey of self-discovery, the rewards are endless! I am writing this as I sit on the balcony of a cottage in Cornwall, with the waves crashing as the tide comes in for the evening. It’s not just the waves, Jo is the inspiration, THE true inspiration in this journey!" Kristy

I feel so grateful that I get to work with such wonderful. AMAZING. Courageous. Souls. You are your biggest teacher. You have all the answers. You have the Power to heal YOU. My love and very best wishes to you Kristy and thank you for your passion to share a reach others. You are a pure inspiration and it was such a pleasure to guide you. Jo 💚

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