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You are amazing, powerful & wonderfully unique.

Updated: Apr 3, 2021

Arriving at yourself is a beautiful thing. A life journey of easing yourself out of the mind into self-discovery. A journey of un-layering to flow into your light, your uniqueness, your greatness.

Un-layering from old, toxic relationships, people’s opinions peoples fear that you took on board unaware it was layering upon your uniqueness and magic.

Un-layering from parental trauma. The awareness and the feelings that came within these toxic environments.

It’s a process that some will never take as it all feels like such effort and work. The fear of learning feels overwhelming as the suffering & pain inside feels too painful to bear ~ whiles others will want to end this mental cycle of suffering.

Rosacea arrives to guide you home out of what is no longer for you to carry, to think about. To Decondition yourself to rise and thrive into your ESSENCE, your TRUTH, YOUR KNOWING.

Rosacea does not arrive to layer upon the layers. It arrives to say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. You have the power and all you need inside to be me. I want to feel ME. I want to FREE ME.

It starts with you and ends with you. Only you have the power to be YOU, FREE YOU. And if you are reading this please know you have all it takes to be and live the life you dream. NO matter what the MIND will tell you.

FREE your mind and learning to make decisions from your heart is the journey. Losing CONTROL to whatever you THINK you need to CONTROL. So much of Rosacea suffering comes from CONTROL. Rosacea Hates Control.

My mind ruled me, controlled me. Looking back it was torture so cruel and judgemental.

I have been on a journey to self-mastery for 20 years. It’s my life-style, the way I live day to day. It takes no effort to honour ME & my lifestyle.

For years I felt like a victim. Why Me? I was trying to live function, carrying around so much of what wasn’t ME. Wasn’t mine and Rosacea amplified all of my suffering, my MIND control/torture. Resulting in me hating on myself, feeling like I failed, no confidence un-worthy, lonely, angry, bitter UGLY.

Arriving learning how to get to know me. Learning to get out of my own way. Learning to ease me out of the grips of my mind and thoughts. Learning to release my pain, my judgment, my trauma all inherited, was, is the art of living. Why would anyone want to exist in this life when they could LIVE in this life, as themself, from their truth, essence, purpose, self-love, self-awareness? Please give me a reason why?

Motivating others to feel, taste, smell this freedom is what Rosacea wants for you all. There is no make do with Rosacea. There is no hide the pain and carry on. There is no pretending with Rosacea it wants you whole, free. It wants you to be YOU. Jo 💚

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