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You Know the reason you have it. And you know how to cure it. #Rosacea

Updated: Oct 20, 2023

You have to reach the point where you feel so exhausted from the continual search for the answer.

Where you have no more energy to continue the search.

When every single treatment or diet gives you no relief from the persistent redness, feeling, burning, flushing, constantly crushing your confidence, worth even self~sabotage.

Why do you take it to this level before you reach out? Why do you persistently think the next thing you buy or try will be the thing, the one, the cure?

Why do you put so much faith in others or so-called experts and trust they know the reason or know what's best for your health and wellness?

What is it that keeps you in a mental prison that turns your life revolving around your face?

Why do you allow ourself to suffer for so long?

What is your fear of healing?

Why do you not believe you can heal Yourself?

Why do think so low of yourself?

What is stopping you from reaching out?

Rosacea came from you. You created it and you continue to feed it UNTILL that day when you feel sick of your own bullshit and realise that no one has the answer except the one wearing the red face. The one you have been ignoring all along.

You need yourself. YOU are all you have been seeking to end this nightmare.



Rosacea is your awakening.


Jo 💚

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